The demo “ The Throne of Ninninhagal “ consists of re-recorded Excommunicated, Heralds of Pestilence and two new tracks Passage to Tchort and Messe Noir. The demo was released in the fall of 1996. A hundred demo's were distributed free at the Milwaukee Metal Fest of 1997. The demo has sold over 600 tapes throughout the world. The Throne of Ninninhagal received extraordinary reviews in various magazines across the world. Some reviews have implicated that Messe Noir is starting a new type of Metal. Messe Noir has taken the classification of a new genre of metal called“ War Metal “.

The Throne of Ninninhagal Reviews!!

The Throne of Ninninhagal
When the demonic powers are summoned by the gods the demons posses the strength of divine origin. These demons are spawned by the lord Anu. Anu seduces the souls of the damned to become these demons.
This existence of such evil spirits is desirable for the gods. The gods feed off of the living beings and bring forth the domination of all. The presence of hallowed demons are forever fulfilling the harmony that dwells in the gods. The demons roam the underworld and present their spoils to the gods when they are beckoned.
Assu, the city of god is watched by the lady of the underworld. Her name is Ereskigal. She reigns over all that inhabit the city. The temple of Enlils is guarded by the demon Lamashtu. This fiend steals the newborn from thier mothers. She relinquishes the unnamed souls to be seized by Quabla and Ninninhigal.
The throne of Ninninhigal is adorned by all the gods and demons. This thrown is decorated with the souls that have been torn from the living world by Lamashtu.
Quabla betrays Ninnhigal by invoking the demon Pazazu to antagonize him . Ninnhigal prepares to battle the demon Pazazu with the magic of the elder gods. Ninninhigal invokes Apsu and Tiamat to embody thier powers to strengthen his magic. Pazazu calls the demons of the dead to rage against the gods. Ninninhigal gathers the gods at the temple of Ka. Pazazu with his army of demons rises above the city of god to collapse the gates. Ninninhigal calls forth the storm god Adad to consume the demons as they transcend toward the city of god. Pazazu gets trapped in the storm and spirals down into the gates. Adad engages Pazazu in a struggle to keep the gate closed but Pazazu escapes through the open gate into the other world.

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