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Review by~(Byron) Brutalized Zine

MESSE NOIR "Mandal-Gate Of The Calling" Natas Productions. There is Black/Death/Doom/Grind Etc. Now for something completely different you fucks,War Metal! These guys sent me this 8 song CD, and I was honestly blown away by the complete ferocity they punctured into my cranium. From start to deadly end these guys let you know what the fuck is on their minds, with non-stop brutality! The vocals of Joe Giannetti are beyond sick and beyond the grave. He sounds like a tortured little ogre being ripped through the bowels of hell, SUPERIOR!!!! As far as the music goes, It is just as intense, Tight work in my opinion. You want a band with energy beyond comparison check out MESSE NOIR. War metal is upon us, And these sick bastards are going to bring forth WWIII, Pure demon war!! Bring on the apocalypse!! (Byron)

Review By: Oscar Romero, METAL AGE Zine

Metal Age Zine

Oscar Romero

Avenida Cabriela

Mistral, 1296

Casa B-5, Los Angeles


...If you think that bands as "EMPEROR", "IMPALED NAZARENE", "INCANTATION", "SETHERIAL" or perhaps "BROKEN HOPE" are extreme bands, just wait to listen to "MESSE NOIR", because in this album they have created a untoward and destructive new Metal style... they call it as "WAR METAL"...

But how really it´s this style?... well, sincerely, it´s totally unique, i haven´t listen nothing like this before...
....this style takes the more extreme side of the "Death Metal", "Grindcore" and "Black", and fixes all of it producing a sound that it´s, such as the name says, a real war, a war of; drums, guitars, yells, satanism,etc...
..... it is like a constant bombardment of the extremest elements of Metal...(I can´t imagine how much will last the sticks of the drummer... one minute? hehe : ))...
...The lyric sense is based on the satanism, but always with an epic sense since that the thematic of the songs are of wars between ancestral armies of darkness, etc...
...This CD only last 18 minutes, but are 18 minutes with zero rest, I mean that this guys, during 18 minutes, play as possessed by Lucifer, hehe :).
...I think that this album will leave with a straight hair even to the extremest metalmaniac...
........ definitely I think that this CD it´s only for those metalheads that thinks that bands like "DEICIDE" or "EMPEROR" aren´t the "strong" enought for them. This CD is for those that really love the extreme scene, because, without doubt, only they will appreciate the "contribution" that this band makes to the extreme kinds of Metal...
...Well, returning of what the album is, the only negative aspect that I can say it´s refered to the monotony... but in matter of fact this is not very important since that it´s very difficult to find a really extreme band that don´t result monotonous.
...For this CD i will not make the customary songs-separation because all the songs are very similar, but i will give the following explanation for the 8 songs of this album:
A notable characteristic are the speed changes that the band makes, it´s a very peculiar change that produces an effect that is like someone pressed the button to advance the CD for some seconds and then untied it and the song continued with the normal course...
......and thus successively, it is very original. The sound of the guitars is "dirty", in other words has the distortion´s sound in the atmosphere...
....talking about this has just coming to my mind a band that, in certain moments, it may be similiar to "MESSE NOIR", I am talking about the very known band of "Black Metal", "ULVER"... for example, the most extreme moments of the album "The Madrigal Of The Night" of "ULVER", especially in the song "Hymn I" it can be appreciate a style that perhaps it could have influenced the creation of the style of "MESSE NOIR"... (in any event, in matter of extremity, "MESSE NOIR" wins with a lot of advantage to "ULVER").
The "melody" is; swift, progressive, devastating and infernal...
Concerning to the vocals it could be sayed that they are a mixture between "Glen Benton" of "DEICIDE" and "Ihsahn" of "EMPEROR".
...All the production in matter of; sound´s quality, presentation, etc... it is totally professional.
...As final conclusion i can say that these guys took the word "extreme" and they sought the extreme of this same word and they found it as "WAR METAL".
...If you think that the most extreme kind of Metal it hasn´t been created yet, just wait to listen this... ...this CD will blow your brains off!!!

Thrash ‘Em All

Deputy Editor

Pavel Frelik

P.O. Box 25

20-218 Lublin 14



8 tracks squeezed in 18 minutes definitely make one think of grind or any other hyper-fast genre. Contrary to all such expectations MESSE NOIR, which I once reviewed in the 'Demolition' section, turn out to play pure death metal. However, any comparisons to any of the 'giants' might prove mighty difficult since I honestly cannot think of any other similar-sounding band. The Americans base their tracks on unrelenting blast sections which combined with manic riffing contribute to the specific atmosphere of musical chaos - something that has already become MESSE NOIR's trademark. Moreover, the instrumental parts are overlaid with these godly vocals by Giannetti who just about recites the lines, with the effect being much more interesting than one might expect from such a well-used practice. Spice all that with the occult topics and supreme graphic design and "Mandal - Gate of the Calling" turns out to be a very promising offering from very promising band. The only question is why it is only 18 minutes? I want more.

Review by~Richard Stuart Email:

Richard Stuart Reviews

This CD was sent to me by Matthew, one of the bandmembers, and apparantly the band likes the term 'War Metal' to describe their music. Basically, like many other American Black Metal-style bands these days, this band plays fast - VERY fast - and overall it's very 'in-yer-face' and aggressive. Messe Noir have a track on the recent Osmose compilation CD, 'World Domination III.'

The music may sound a little messy to the untrained ear, but I shall resist the urge to call them 'Messy Noir' (even though it would've been hilarious, yes???) since those of us who are used to this stuff by now should be able to tell that it's far more than just a blur of noise. In fact, these songs are quite technical, and after a couple of listens I was quite impressed by the reasonable tightness of the performances. It's pretty much blasting all the way through, with just a few midtempo sections in songs like 'Heralds Of Pestilence,' but there are plenty of changes in the songs to keep the interest. This release is just under 18 minutes long, and there are 8 tracks - so, of course, the songs aren't exactly 'Rime Of The Ancient Mariner' length! In fact, the longest song is about two and a half minutes, with 'Messe Noir' and 'Call Of Tiamat' being only one and a half minutes. The vocals are typical of the genre, raw and raspy.

It doesn't offer anything new, but I personally find it an enjoyable listen when in the mood for this sort of music. I like the fact that there's more to the music than you first think, and since it's over in under 20 minutes it certainly doesn't outstay it's welcome, unless you're really not in the mood for it. However, it's not very memorable, and I would've liked the songs to stand out more. For what it is, it's good - don't expect it to change the world, and you should be satisfied with it. Certainly, if you're sick of the increasing popularity of Black Metal these days, and want something more underground and no-trend-ish, then listening to 'Mandal - Gate Of The Calling' should leave a demonic grin on your face.

Rating: 7 out of 10. -Ricks

Review by~(R.C)Soundscape Magazine

Oh my good, this is wicked!!! Ultra twisted "war Metal" without a breeder on this short recording to help you recover between tracks... Ultra sick, in your face anti-music with beyond freaking vocals!!! I'd say they sound a bit like a cross between BATHORY's first album and the now (hum!) legendary debut demo from Vancouver's BLASPHEMY... This is very raw material and you must be aquainted with the style to fully appreciate this music. MESSE NOIR didn't re-invented the style but definitely bring it to a higher level of energy.

Review by~Niels "Xhorder" van Rongen STORM ~extreme artists Homegrave

This American band plays extreme black metal. I never heard black metal this fast. And I think this is just the fastest black metal band there is and ever will be. The album has 8 songs, and the duration is (only) 18 minutes. The band calls it War-metal, and that's a very good description for a black metal band on steroids.

I must say that I normally don't enjoy this kind of chaosy black metal, but this band is very good in what they do. It's all super fast, but within, there are some cool extreme black metal melodies. The band almost never gives the listener time to breath and so the whole album sounds a bit the same after a while. But because it's only 18 minutes long this isn't really the bad thing. The vocals are grim black screams and gives the band a very dark sound. The guitars sound like they only have distortion (like old Scandinavian blackmetal bands) on it. The guitar player is really skilled, because playing this fast (and good) is just very hard. The drums are nice, but nothing special... just plain old hitting the drums as fast as you can.

Overall this is a nice album, and maybe one of the best from the US, since there aren't a lot of good black metal bands there. So if you like black metal on steroids, then this is something for you.

RATING: 75/100

REVIEW by ~Deathcrush / FreshDeath

I remember when Bolt Thrower called themselves War Metal. In reality, they were playing riff-oriented chugging death metal, and the war aspect was even somewhat comedic. From the opposite end of the spectrum come Messe Noir. This album is now my new definition of HARSH. The band combine black metal grimness with intensely percussive riffs and drums to create the closest thing I've ever heard to musical war. I must caution: this album will probably only appeal to those listeners who enjoy the extreme. The stop-start rhythmic stylings of these guys make standard blast beats seem soothing. The incredibly jarring thrusts of the music, combined with the nearly non-stop vocal scream-rants can make for difficult listening at times, but this one could be a grower for those who dabble in the depths of extremity.

Review By ~Eric Teufel Crookes Teufels Tomb

The best description I could give for this band would to just describe their album cover; plain black background, gold lettering, satanic symbols, pentagrams and goats. I knew when I put this CD in the machine that I wasn't about to hear Mozart, but I don't think I could have ever expected what sounds eminated from my speakers. Monotonous blast beats, the most irritating vocals I've heard of any musical genre, the worst musicianship... it reminds me a lot of 70's punk, ahh... those were the days, the entire band would just stagger on stage, drunk as frat boys at homecoming and stoned as hippies at woodstock, playing random notes while the singer screamed and muttered drunkenly while doing his very best to keep from falling off the stage. Apparently this is very evil war metal, but I've heard more talent and evilness on a Kathy Lee Gifford special. If you want good black metal, skip Messe Noir, if you're a fan of the drug crazed, talentless punk that plagued the world in the 70s and 80s that claims to be black metal, check out this act... you should probably have a few drinks first tho.

Check out the interview on the Mourning the Ancient Website!!

Review by~ Mourning the Ancient

Fast, violent and chaotic from start to finish, Messe Noir hails from CT, USA. Described as 'War Metal,' and while it really doesn't leave any impressions of battle to the listener, the vocals are probably most close to black metal. But not typical at all. A very straight-forward, no-frills sound. Keyboards? Female backing-vocals? Samples? You will find no such things here, but what you will find is a very violent audio experience. I guess the downside of this release would be the songs all sort of bleed together. But for fans of this style of music, Messe Noir will give you the aggression you seek.

Review by ~ Micheal Shrum, Listener of the Bizarre Zine #3

This “Black Mass” worships the Babylonian pantheon with blazing death metal riffs played at double speed, with some hell-screeching vocals that could be heard on wel as resonate into different planes of existence! The production is pretty good, but seems a bit too high on the treble. The speed-death riffing could be said to be similar to Morbid Angel, Angelcorpse, Nile, or Incantation. yet it is only an incendental similarity. The riffs are played so intensely that I doubt if much influence came from anywhere..this music was born in the souls of the creators, and recorded while the blood was still fresh, if you know what I mean. This is straight-out speed and of any death or black or doom cliches, clamorous and full of ferocity...much like war must be. Highly recommended!

Review by~(goden) Eternal Frost Webzine

I don’t know what it means. Perhaps ‘ raw as fuck’? I doubt that, but that’s a good description for Messe Noir’s music. To the extent of my knowledge, this is Messe Noir’s debut album (and perhaps debut release), spanning eight tracks in just under eighteeen minutes. What’s really cool about this CD is they keep the songs short. There isn’t a really cool song that’s longer than three minutes. Now, this is raw stuff. Not raw in a shitty way, but the kind of raw you think of when you spin DEATH’s classic Scream Bloody Gore record. Raw, but in a great way. The brevity of the songs only helps. They blaze by in a matter of seconds. There are only a ferw slow parts, such as in “Heralds of Pestilence” and “Call of Tiamat”. There are few flaw to the release, such as the sloppiness. The overall delivery could be a little tighter, but the sloppiness sort of aids the rawness at times. By the end of the disc, it is all starts to blend togehter. However, if you’re in the mood for raw, hateful black metal, this is it.---goden

Review by~Sacrilege Newsletter/Nox Vomica Zine(Elis)

Fans of this band have given thier music the term”War Metal”, and after aon listen to this blasting barrage of brutality, Ihave no doubt that the name was well given. In plain terms, what we have here is unstoppable blackened metal that doesn’t let up once throughout this entire CD. If you are looking for the ultimate in ultra-fast, aggressive black metal, you’ve found it in Messe Noir. Highly recommended---Elis Sacrilege Newsletter/Nox Vomica Zine

Check out the Interview on the Unchain Website!!

Reviewed by~Al Kikuras, Unchain the Underground

Rating: 8/10 They call it "War Metal." An enticing enough term. What is War Metal, really? Black metal, for the most part. Messe Noir play a particular brand of very over the top, non-stop speed, total blasting black metal. The vocals are somewhat of a departure from the usual screech that most BMers employ. A bit more of a growl, from the Popeye school.

Normally, chaos is a VERY good thing. I think in Messe Noir's case, it gets a little rampant at times, primarily with the vocal arrangements. It seems that there are moments where the phrasing is all-but inconsequential, almost as if the vocal line was conceived with little regard for the music beneath it. Rather than coming off as completely insane, there are times where it seems like there just wasn't very much thought put into the phrasing. Perhaps the recording contributes to the feeling... it is a bit flat and the annunciation suffers as a result. The flat production also leads to a lack of atmosphere, which I think is the biggest fault with Mandal - Gate of the Calling. Although the lyrics are not included, going by the song titles, artwork, the band's name (which I am assuming means "Black Mass") and the few occult passages included in the CD booklet, it is obvious that there are some extreme dark beliefs and posssibly ritual texts behind the music herein. It is a shame the overall sound is not befitting the mood that such subject matter usually conjures.

Criticisms aside, this is some fairly raging stuff. Messe Noir have cornered a small portion of the Black Metal genre and made it their own which is increasingly becoming a difficult task as the scene becomes more and more saturated. I can recommend this highly to anyone who gets worked up when listening to bands like Marduk, Dark Funeral and Immortal. With a little work on the production, Messe Noir could very well be sitting beside their unholy brethren as kings of the genre with their next release. - Al Kikuras

Review by~ Matt Williams ABHFR Zine

~Interview on website~


This band describes themselves as “WAR METAL”. I suppose I see where they are coming from with that, though it seems to be more so the latter rather than the former. The vocals themselves seem to have more Black Metal edge to them.being a significant number of octaves higher than death metal stye. The looser musical technique also reminds me of Black Metal stuff. My biggest complaint is that which I have just mentioned, the loose style of playing. Although a significant portion of the CD they manage to stay together at times it seems not that well recorded. The music all sounding a bit muffled, which also tends to the old school Black Metal feel. The main theme is not Satanism, but rather some Sumerian mythology, which I find much more interesting. Anyway a little better production and some more tightness in the music and this could certianly be interesting band

Review by~c/o Stephane Belanger P.O.Box 65144 CSP Place Longueuil Longueuil, Quebec, Canada J4K-5J4

MESSE NOIR: "Mandal - Gate Of The Calling" - MCD (Indie/Natas Productions) Totally chaotic, incoherent extreme Black Metal with a huge edge on Hardcore is the deal here. Actually, most of the music reminds me more of mid-eighties extreme Hardcore bands like STARK RAVING MAD than it does remind me of anything real Metal. The guitars are a bit low in the mix, very thin and not heavy at all... The playing seems decent, but the riffing being so chaotic, it sounds more like a running noise. The drums sound very weak and the playing pretty much sucks. Most of the stuff the drummer does is confused. The overall sound is very, very much ordinary demo quality and the songs are not catchy at all, with no real basic melodies anywhere. I guess that I could also compare the music to some old Grindcore too. The lyrics are ultra satanic and the vocals a mix between a Black Metal voice and a Grindcore extreme shouting! The songs are very short, Hardcore-like, one or two minutes long in average. Well, you may like it if you are into amateurish kind of stuff... I'm not... S.B.

Messe Noir
P.O. Box 4059
Meriden, CT 06450
United States

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