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Black Metal
The Forgotten (USA)~To Walk the Forest $5.00
Gontyna Key (Poland)~ Welowie, Demo $5.00
Spor ( Canada)~ Promo, Demo $5.00
Thors Hammer (Poland)~ Nothing But Hatred $5.00
Eriskigal (Italy)~ Of A Star Unborn , Demo $5.00
Idolum In Costello ( Canada) ~Promo, Demo $5.00
Destruktor(Aus)~ The Holy Trinity....Denied, demo $5.00
Osculum Infame(France)~ ďIía aemính síha-tínĒ , $8.00 LP

Death Metal

Eternal Hatred (USA)~ The Eve of destruction, Demo $5.00
One Last Sin (USA)~ Self-entitled, demo $5.00
Gotterdammerung( Germany) ~ Sturmgott, demo $5.00
Equinox (USA) Return to Mystery $8.00 LP
Hatewave (USA)~Demo $5.00

Paranormal Apparition Compilation #2 (Canada) $3.00
Witching Hour Compilation #2 (USA)~$5.00
Filth Chain (USA)~ Live Emerging From The Filth Compilation $5.00

Messe Noir (USA)~The Throne of Ninninhagal,demo,War Metal $5.00


Messe Noir~Mandal~Gate of the Calling-Black War Metal-$10.00 Avulsion(USA)~Dimensions of Darkness-Death-$8.00

Demonic Sacrifice (USA)~Enter the realm of Pure Darkness -Death/Black- $10.00 CD
In Solitude (Portugal) ~ Eternal-Doomy Death- $10.00 CD
Morbid Death(Portugal)~ Echoes of Solitude -Death Metal- $10.00
Lividity(USA)~ Fetish for the Sick -Porno Grinding Death- $10.00
Evilution (USA)~ Shrine of Desecration -Death Metal- $10.00
Night In Gales (Germany)~ Syphlike -Doomy Death-$10.00
Decrepit (USA)~ Creation of Sin -Death Metal-$10.00
Hastur (Italy)~ Macrabre Execution - Death- $6.00
Aurora Borealis(USA)~Mansions of Eternity -Black/Death- $7.00
Trifixion(Italy) Abshurfungepoch -Death- $10.00
Sync(Italy) Variations About Themes of Evil -Death- $8.00
Candle Serenade (Portugal)~ Noferatuís Passion -Doomy Death- $8.00
Afterdeath(Portugal)~ Backwords $8.00
Lux Occulta (Poland)~Forever Alone Immortal -Black Metal- $8.00 Hefeystos~Psycho Cafe' -Death Metal- $8.00
Godkiller(Monaco)~ The Rebirth of the Middle Ages-Black Metal- $10.00
Kvist(Italy)~ For Kunsten Maa Vi Evig Vike- Black Metal- $10.00
Ancient Wisdom(Italy)~ for snow Covered th Northland-Black Metal- $10.00
Ancient Wisdom~ The Calling-$10.00
Unholy(Italy)~ The Second Ring of Power-Death Metal- $10.00
Novembers Doom(Italy)~ mid its Hallowed- $10.00
Carpathian Full Moon ~ Serades in Blood Minor-$10.00
Obtained Enslavement ~Witchcraft-$10.00
Imerator~The Time Before Time-$10.00
Katatonia~ brave murder day-$10.00
Ophthalamia~Via Dolorosa-$10.00
Ataraxia ~ The Fantasic Opera-$10.00
Christ Agony~ Trilogy-$10.00
Gardens of Gehenna~Mortem Saluta-$10.00

The World Domination III Compilation ~ Osmose $15.00 CD
Mike Hunt (USA) Compilation CD -Black/Death- $5.00
Sync(Italy) Variations About Themes of Evil -Death- $8.00
Ematofagia(Italy)~Compilation CD -Death-$8.00
Legions of the Scroll Compilation CD(free with any order)


BloodClot Newsletter#5 (interviews with Messe Noir/Nile, More) $1.00
Calmant #3 ( Mass Psychosis, More) $3.00
Pagan Pages #6 (Incantation, Immortal, more!) $3.00
Pernicious #2 (Evil Incarnate, Skinned and More!) $1.00
Stirred Emotions #3 (Open forum art and Metal Madness) $ 3.00
Putrefaction #12 (Great Magazine) $3.00
Portrait of Defiance #4 (Necrophobic) $3.00
Screams from The Gutter #43 (Tom Warrior, Iced Earth) $3.00
Screams from The Gutter #44 (Dawn, Dark Tranquility) $3.00
Decibels Storm #7 (Sadist, Moonspell, Impaled Nazerene) $4.00
Pernicious #3 ( great Layout and Interviews) $1.00
Tales of The Macabre #4 (Avatar, Enthroned, Infernal Majesty) $4.00

Free Fanzine with any order over $50.00 Pick 3 fanzines

Also donít forgat to mention the free CD ( Legions of the Scrolls)

To order: send postal money order to or money morder to
Joe Giannetti
P.O.Box 665
Meriden, CT 06450 USA

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