Messe Noir is from Meriden Connecticut. The band members are: Joe Giannetti (vocalist) from Natas Productions, Mike Morrill on drums, and Matthew on rhythm guitar. Messe Noir was officially formed in January 1995.The music is structured so that it is non-repetitive. The guitar and drum riffs are constantly changing through out each song. The lyrics also tell the stories and myths of the ancient Sumerian gods.

Messe Noir previously released a two track Demo that featured Excommunicated and Heralds of Pestilence. This demo was encouraged by their friends andfans. Messe Noir never intended to release these two songs as a demo, but since release in October 1995 the demo sold over 300 recordings

Their demo “ The Throne of Ninninhagal “ consists of re-recordedExcommunicated, Heralds of Pestilence and two new tracks Passage to Tchort and Messe Noir. The demo was released in the fall of 1996. This demo was distributed free at the Milwaukee Metal Fest of 1997. The demo has sold over 600 tapes throughout the world. The Throne of Ninninhagal received extraordinary reviews in various magazines across the world. Some reviews have implicated that Messe Noir is starting a new type of Metal. Messe Noir has taken the classification of a new genre of metal called“ War Metal “.

Messe Noir is featured on The World Domination III CD put out by Osmose Records with bands Marduk, Angle Corpse, Gehenneh, Exciter, Lucifer and more.

They are on The Grimoire of Exalted Deeds Compilation CD Legions of the Scroll and Mike Hunt compilation CD.

***We are not sure why Dwell did not put us on the CD?? They thought we were to heavy!!Suckers!! They will also be appearing on Slayer Tribute CD for Dwell Records with bands Mayhem,Incantation, Thy Darkest Empire, Sadistic Intent, Draconis, From the Depths, Infamy and more.

Pentagram Records will be featuring them on CD compilation Life Sucks, Then You Die with bands Shadow Dancers, Ragnerok,Beliah, Naglfar, Surrender of Divinity, Solace in the Shadows and more.

Death of the World by Sounds of Death Magazine Issue 12 (February 1999)

They are also on many compilation cassettes across the globe: The Witching Hour, Natas Compilation, Abyss Magazine and many more.

Messe Noir has been playing out for few years now and has played with groups such as: Morbid Angel, Kataklysm, Internal Bleeding, Mass Psychosis, Suffocation, Mortician,Immolation Brutal Truth, Immolation, Master,Fallen Christ, Deteriorate, Mortal Decay, Vital Remains, Evilution, Curse, and Khasm.

The band has currently been reviewed and or interviewed in numerous fanzines across the world. Thrash Em’All (Poland), Decibels Storm (France), Metal Shuffle (Norway), Metal Invader(Greece),Close Up(Sweden), Dawnrazor (Norway),Rockcor (Russia), The Crusader (South Africa),Devils Elixir (Belgium), Warthog (Norway), Franang (France), Necromancy (Philippines), Devils Elixir (Belgium), Warthog (Norway), Franang (France), Necromancy(Philippines), The Grimoire of Exalted Deeds, Inner Source, ILL Literature, Mortal Coil, Explicitly Intense, Infernal Archives, MetalCore, Brutalized, Midwest Metal, Ilbasha,Rubberneck, Loud Fast andRude, Coroners Report, Sanguinary Surroundings, Plethora of Sound, Screams from the Gutter, Static, Bloodclot, just to name a few.

The band is already looking forward to working on a new CD project which will include all new material.

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